End Zone Player Profile: Ross Brothers

Published: Oct. 1, 2021 at 3:15 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Estacado’s defense is one of the top units in West Texas, but the bond on the defensive end goes far past X’s and O’s. This group is built on brotherly love.

Ronald and Raheim Ross have been playing football since they were five and six years old. The two grew up in Estacado with seven sisters, so they naturally bonded together.

“Being able to be with him, he kind of get on my nerves sometimes. Yea, so I just have to hit him upside his head. Nah I’m just playing,” Ronald laughed. “Raheim, he’s a good kid - smart, funny, great at football, too.”

Ronald is just one year older than Raheim, but he always wanted to set a good example for his younger brother.

Estacado's Ronald Ross
Estacado's Ronald Ross(KCBD)

“He just been like a big brother and help me and make me work harder to be great,” Raheim said.

Due to their age difference, the Ross Brothers didn’t get the opportunity to share their love for football on the same field until they got to high school.

“Not too many people can play with their brother on the same team for two years,” Raheim said. “It just feels great to be able to just be on the same field and play on the same team and just win together, eat together.”

While Ronald anchors the defense from the middle of the field as a linebacker, Raheim holds down the secondary as a safety.

Estacado's Raheim Ross
Estacado's Raheim Ross(KCBD)

“We already had like the communication and connection. So, I’ll tell him something he already know then we already fix it. That’s why I think our defense is so elite,” Ronald said.

The two playmakers are some of the top defenders on the team and they lead the Matadors in forcing turnovers.

“To have the brotherhood link, that communication sometimes just happens like twins,” said Estacado Head Coach Joe Cluley. “They kind of know what each other are thinking and they can turn around and talk to each other and get things corrected because they know each other. They know at the end of the day they’re going to go home and they’re going to be in that same household riding together for each other all the time. That creates a bond, but not just a bond between them, a bond between like the defensive backs and the front seven because you got two guys that are riding so much for each other that it brings everyone else in.”

This is Ronald’s senior year, so he’s hoping to play out a season that will not only land him an offer to play at the next level, but also create a path for his little brother to do the same.

“I just do this for mainly him, so he won’t end up anywhere else than in college playing college football doing something good for himself. And the rest of my teammates as well, showing them that it can be done,” Ronald said.

Ronald has not received a scholarship offer from any college yet, but they remain hopeful that someday soon he will land one that will help prolong the brothers’ careers.

“I think Ronald Ross has done it the right way since he was in 8th grade,” coach Cluley said. “And I think it shows. I think that Ronald is a kid that never has missed a summer workout, never has missed a practice, never has missed an offseason workout and so Raheim sees that. And it’s kind of a double edge sword. Raheim has a lot to live up to because his brother is doing it the right way. He has a great G.P.A. So Raheim, as the younger brother, the expectations are hey we want you to be Ronald, but we want you to be better than Ronald, and that’s a whole lot.”

When Ronald goes off to college it’ll be the longest the two have been away from each other. He says to this point, the longest that they’ve been separated was about a month, but he plans to keep their bond tight even after he leaves Estacado.

“It’s going to be hard. I’m probably going to check up on him every other day or probably every day. Just be able to talk to him.”

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