‘They appreciate it more than you know:’ Local owners prepare for Small Business Saturday

Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 10:53 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - After the chaos of Black Friday, and before the online deals on Cyber Monday, business owners hope Lubbock families will remember to support them on Small Business Saturday.

Kathy Potter, vice president of programs and events at the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, says every dollar spent at a small business directly impacts its bottom line.

“These businesses work hard every day to support our community. These are the people who are going to have their names on the back of your kid’s jerseys,” she said. “They are going to work hard to help you, to tailor to you, to help you find the right thing. You’re going to get excellent customer service. They just work really hard to do business with each other, to do business with our local community.”

Ty Ladue and Elizabeth Hughes own a Lubbock small business, Bait Kandy bait and tackle shop on 34th Street. They opened the shop two and a half years ago after Ladue had a dream about inventing a type of bait. Ladue says there have been several ups and downs and they aren’t getting rich - unless you count the relationships created with the community. They’ve built a large tank inside the store, teaching first timers how to cast a line.

“Now they all come here and we show them how to bait the hooks. We show them how to take the fish off the hooks and we even trained babies how to fish here. So, it’s really cool concept. It’s working; it’s growing and we’re just so blessed to be here in Lubbock and making it grow,” Ladue said.

Brianne van Reenen owns the bookshop and publisher Wild Lark Books in downtown Lubbock. The shop only sells new books, to honor authors and their storytelling. She says being a small business owner is about more than the money.

“You get to know faces and people and new community members and it just makes Lubbock feel not quite so big and broad. But instead, it’s a new face and a new friend and a new story that you get to come across,” she said.

The shop also supports the Wild Larks Books Fund, a nonprofit she says provides resources, funding and education for authors from historically underserved communities.

“That’s really important to us, to not just tell stories, but tell more stories and tell the stories that we really need,” van Reenen said.

Shara Konechney has owned the Lubbock boutique Piper on Slide for nearly 19 years. She says Small Business Saturday means giving back.

“It’s our time to celebrate and let our customers enjoy. We’re having munchies that day and some hot and cold beverages, and it’s a game day, so we’re going to have a little tailgate situation and then just a lot of fun that day, giving back to our customers,” Konechney said.

Potter says Lubbock Chamber members make a $2 billion impact on the Lubbock economy, with small businesses making up about 80 percent of that membership.

“Eat, shop, spend locally. They appreciate it more than you know. That goes further for their bottom line than big box stores or anything else. That is what keeps their doors open and they count on us as a community to support them to be able to do that,” Potter said.