Benefit concert this Sunday for 2-year-old cancer patient from O’Donnell

Concert at Cook’s Garage on Sunday for Kal Luke Mires
Published: Dec. 2, 2022 at 9:44 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - On Oct. 7, Kal Luke Mires had a seizure. Two days later, he was transported to Cook Children’s in Fort Worth where doctors found a brain tumor, after over 20 hours of surgery.

“It was a Choroid Plexus Carcinoma and when they removed it, it was about the size of a softball,” Kal Luke’s mother, Katy Mires, said.

Kal Luke is in round two of six chemo treatments. He also lost some motion of his right arm and right leg.

“Through these last weeks he’s really progressed a whole lot, so he’s almost walking, or he’s pretty much walking by himself,” Kal Luke’s father, Toby Mires, said. “He needs to work on his balance a little bit.”

Throughout it all, Katy Mires says Kal Luke’s smile has not faded away.

“He’s a fighter like nobody’s business, he doesn’t let anyone get him down, he likes to laugh and play,” Katy Mires said.

Toby Mires is a farmer and Katy Mires is a teacher. Even with jobs that need them home, they’ve been able to stay right beside Kal Luke. While Toby has been in Fort Worth with his son the past eight weeks, his brother and father have been taking care of the farm.

“It’s been pretty tough, but the people that we have around us: our family, our friends, the whole community of O’Donnell,” Toby Mires said.

Two of those friends are inviting you to help out the family. Coty Isbell and Trevor Halfmann are hosting a live auction, raffle, and benefit concert at Cook’s Garage on Sunday.

Kal Luke Mires benefit
Kal Luke Mires benefit(Trevor Halfmann)

“We’re all family in a way - maybe not by blood’s West Texas, it’s the South Plains, we’re from O’Donnell - small-town Screaming Eagles man,” Halfmann said.

“Family’s family and we take care of family, so that’s what we’re trying to do there,” Isbell said.

Kal Luke is even getting support from outside of O’Donnell.

“Some of those artists reached out to Red after he posted it and we really appreciate that,” Isbell said. “They just wanted to help. They saw something that was awesome and a need that needed to be filled and they jumped in there willing to just come do it.”

The lineup includes Parker McCollum, Red Shahan, William Clark Green, Grady Spencer, Charlie Shafter, and Slade Coulter.

The Mires family may get to go home for a couple weeks, but they will be making routine trips to Fort Worth. All of the money goes to Kal Luke’s travel and medical expenses.

“And that’s a big thing - 100% of this goes to this family for what they’re going to go through for the next six months, to a year, to two years, to whatever it takes to go through this. This is to help them go through that,” Isbell said.

“This whole deal is about a six-month process,” Toby Mires said. “This is the second cycle we are on. The first three cycles are about 24-day cycles and the last three are about 28-day cycles.”

Isbell and Halfmann hope to raise as much money as they can to help ease some financial stress and keep all the focus on Kal Luke’s recovery.

Tickets for the raffle are $100 each, and can be bought at HF&C. Tickets for the concert are $150 and can be bought on Cook’s Garage’s website here. If you can’t go to the concert, you can donate online here.